Extra Questions Class 10 Maths Chapter 8 #2

Trigonometry | Trigonometric Values

This CBSE class 10 Maths practice question is from the topic Trigonometry. It tests the concept of computing trigonometric values if the sides of a right triangle are given. We will use Pythagoras Theorem to compute all sides of a right triangle. Another trigonometry extra question that helps you learn a new Pythagorean Triplet. Questions of this type are most likely to be tested as multiple choice questions in Class 10 board exam.

Question 2: Given sin A = \\frac{12}{37}), find cos A and tan A.

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Explanatory Answer | Trigonometry Important Question 2

2020 CBSE Class 10 Trigonometry Q7 Triangle

sin A = \\frac{\text{side opposite to ∠A}}{\text{hypotenuse}}) = \\frac{\text{BC}}{\text{AC}})= \\frac{12}{37})
∴ If BC = 12k, AC = 37k
Using Pythagoras theorem AB = \\sqrt{AC^2− BC^2})
\AB) = \\sqrt{(37k)^2−(12k)^2}) = \\sqrt{1369k^2 − 144k^2 }) = \\sqrt{1225k^2})= \35k)

cos A = \\frac{\text{side adjacent to ∠A}}{\text{hypotenuse}}) = \\frac{\text{AB}}{\text{AC}}) = \\frac{\text{35k}}{\text{37k}}) = \\frac{\text{35}}{\text{37}})
tan A = \\frac{\text{side opposite to ∠A}}{\text{side opposite to ∠A}}) = \\frac{\text{BC}}{\text{AB}}) = \\frac{\text{12k}}{\text{35k}}) = \\frac{\text{12}}{\text{35}})

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