NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Math | Chapter 3

Trigonometric Functions | Solutions for Exercises 3.1 to 3.4 & Miscellaneous

Detailed solution to all exercise questions from the NCERT book for CBSE Class 11 Math in Chapter 3 - Trigonometric Functions.

Key concepts covered in this chapter includes measure of angles in degrees and radians and the relation between the two. Trigonometric functions and their signs in the four quadrants. Trigonometric functions of sum and difference of angles and trigonometric equations.

  1. Exercise 3.1 - 7 Questions

    Measure of angles in degrees and radians. Relation between length of an arc, radius of circle and angle at the centre in radians. Relation between radians and real numbers. Relation between degree and radian. Conversion of an angle expressed in degrees to radians and from radians to degrees.

  2. Exercise 3.2 - 10 Questions

    Trigonometric Functions. Sign of trigonometric functions in the 4 quadrants. Domain and range of trigonometric functions.

  3. Exercise 3.3 - 25 Questions

    Trigonometric functions of sum and difference of two angles.

  4. Exercise 3.4 - 9 Questions

    Trigonometric Equations. Principal and genaral solutions to trigonometric equations.

  5. Exercise | Miscellaneous - 10 Questions

    Questions covering trigonometric functions and trigonometric equations not covered in the previous 4 exercises.

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