NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Math | Chapter 1

Number Systems | Solutions for Exercise 1.1 to 1.6

Detailed solution to all exercise questions of NCERT book for CBSE Class 9 Math in Chapter 1 - Number Systems.

Key concepts covered in this chapter include rational numbers, irrational numbers, rationalize the denominator of an irrational number, real numbers and their decimal representation - recurring decimals and non recurring decimals, terminating decimals and non-terminating decimals, and laws of exponents.

  1. Exercise 1.1 - 4 questions

    Properties of rational numbers, natural numbers, whole numbers, and integers. Finding rational numbers between two numbers. Expressing rational numbers in the form \\frac{p}{q}), where p and q are integers and q is not zero.

  2. Exercise 1.2 - 2 questions

    Properties of rational numbers and irrational numbers.

  3. Exercise 1.3 - 9 questions

    Concepts covered in exercise 1.3 include rational numbers, decimal expansion of rational numbers, terminating decimals - also known as finite decimals, non-terminating decimals - also known as infinite decimals, recurring decimals also known as repeating decimals, fractional equivalents of non-terminating recurring decimals.

  4. Exercise 1.5 - 5 questions

    Properties of irrational numbers. Classifying numbers as rational and irrational. Operations on irrational numbers including adding, subtracting, and multiplying two or more irrational numbers or expressions containing irrational numbers. Rationalizing the denominator of fractions that have irrational numbers.

  5. Exercise 1.6 - 3 questions

    Laws of exponents on real numbers. Simplifying and finding values of expressions using rules of indices.

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