NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Math | Chapter 2

Polynomials | Solutions for Exercise 2.1 to 2.5

Detailed solution to all exercise questions of NCERT book for CBSE Class 9 Math in Chapter 2 - Polynomials.

Key concepts covered in this chapter include Polynomials in one variable, zeroes of a polynomial, Remainder Theorem, Factor Theorem, factorisation of polynomials, and algebraic identities.

  1. Exercise 2.1 - 5 questions

    Definition of a polynomial in one variable. Determining whether a given algebraic expression is a polynomial in one variable. Determining the number of terms in a polynomial, finding the coefficients of different terms of a polynomial. Classifying polynomials based on the number of terms as monomials, binomials, and trinomials. Classifying polynomials as linear, quadratic, and cubic polynomials.

  2. Exercise 2.2 - 4 questions

    Zeroes of a polynomial. Finding zeroes of a polynomial. Verifying whether a number is a zero of a polynomial. Computing value of a polynomial at indicated values of the variable.

  3. Exercise 2.3 - 3 questions

    Remainder theorem. Computing remainder using remainder theorem when a polynomial is divided by a binomial. Finding the remainder when a binomial divides a polynomial using the long division method.

  4. Exercise 2.4 - 5 questions

    Factorizing polynomials. Factor Theorem and its application. Factorizing a quadratic expression by splitting the middle term. Determining whether a given algebraic expression f(x) is a factor of a polynomial p(x).

  5. Exercise 2.5 - 16 questions

    Commonly used algebraic identities. Factorising polynomials based on algebraic identities. Evaluating expressions without computing the actual values but by using suitable algebraic identities.

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