Extra Questions Class 9 Maths | Coordinate Geometry Q5

NCERT Chapter 3 | Find the quadrant or the axis | Cartesian Plane

Question 5: In Which quadrant or on which axis do these points lie?
I. (3, -5)
II. (-6, 0)
III. (-5, 8)
IV. (0, √3)

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Explanatory Answer | Chapter 3 Extra Question 5

The table given below provides details about the signs of the abscissa (x-coordinate) and ordinate (y-coordinate) in the four quadrants in the x-y plane.

Quadrant Abscissa
I Quadrant + +
II Quadrant (-) +
III Quadrant (-) (-)
IV Quadrant + (-)

(i) (3,-5)
The abscissa ((x – cordinate) is positive and ordinate (y – coordinate) is negative.
Therefore, (3, -5) lies in the fourth quadrant.

(ii) (-6, 0)
The ordinate (y – coordinate) is zero. The abscissa (x – coordinate) is not zero.
If the ordinate is zero, the point lies on the x-axis. Therefore (-6, 0) lies on the x – axis.
Because, its abscissa is negative, it lies to the left of the origin.

(iii) (-5, 8)
Abscissa (x – cordinate) is negative and ordinate (y – coordinate) is positive.
So, (-5, 8) lies in the second qudrant.

(iv) (0, √3)
The abscissa (x – coordinate) is zero. The ordinate (y – coordinate) is positive.
If the abscissa is zero, the point lies on the y-axis.
Because, its ordinate is positve, the point lies above the origin.
So, (0, √3) lies on the y – axis above the orgin.

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