2017 CBSE Class X

Maths Board Paper Two mark Question Video Explanations
Section B contains 6 questions of 2 marks each. Scroll down for explanatory answer and video solution to all six 2-mark questions that appeared in CBSE Board Exam in 2017.
  1. A circle touches all the four sides of a quadrilateral ABCD. Prove that AB + CD = BC + DA

  2. Prove that the tangents drawn at the end points of a chord of a circle make equal angles with the chord.

  3. A line intersects the y-axis and x-axis at the points P and Q respectively. If (2, -5) is the mid-point of PQ, then find the coordinates of P and Q.

  4. If the distances of P(x, y) from A(5, 1) and B(-1, 5) are equal, then prove that 3x = 2y.

  5. Find the value of p, for which one root of the quadratic equation px2 – 14x + 8 = 0 is 6 times the other.

  6. For what value of n, are the nth terms of two A.Ps 63, 65, 67,... and 3, 10, 17,... equal?